Welcome to the Wells Village Library


The Wells Village Library is currently closed.

Please check back for updates.  Planned services to include curbside pick-up and delivery.  You may also like us on Facebook at Wells Village Public Library and follow us on Twitter @LibraryWells.

I'm so excited to see everyone once we reopen.  Thank you!

Gianetta ("Gina") Ellis, Librarian







Mission Statement

The Wells Village Library is committed to providing timely and reliable informational and recreational access and services through books, electronic and multimedia, programs, public gatherings, and events. The library is committed to the continued enjoyment, educational growth, and enrichment needs of all its community members.  The library is dedicated to assisting patrons to access information technologies.  Through a friendly and inviting atmosphere, the Wells Village Library encourages equal opportunities to all its patrons to become literate and informed citizens.


Library Board of Trustees

The Wells Village Library is governed by a five-member Board.  

Meetings are open to the public and will be announced when the library reopens.



Co-Chairs - Michelle Bates and Amanda Butler, Treasurer - Lisa Mattison, Carol Shattuck

and Annie Constantino
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